Bridge International Academies Triumphs At Great Places To School Awards 2024

Bridge International Academies (Bridge) has received prestigious accolades at the Great Places to School Awards 2024, reaffirming its dedication to educational excellence, Equity, and Inclusion.
The academy secured the top spot in the Academic Excellence Category, showcasing its commitment to providing high-quality education to children in underserved communities. Additionally, it attained third place in the Equity and Inclusion Category, highlighting its efforts to empower marginalized groups in education.

The award ceremony held in Nairobi celebrated schools that foster transformative learning environments. Bridge was represented by its Group Managing Director Reuben Mwangi, Director of Policy and Partnership Sharon Cheramboss, Director of Schools Brian Kokonya, Director of Operations Rebecca Ochola, Supervisor Sarah Ondimu, and Academy Manager Vincent Juma, among others.

Brian Kokonya expressed his pride in Bridge’s commitment to academic excellence, emphasizing the efforts of teachers, academy managers, and the entire Bridge community. Sharon Cheramboss highlighted the award as a validation of Bridge’s mission and a reminder of its promise to champion equity, inclusivity, and excellence in education.

Rebecca Ochola emphasized the significance of serving underserved communities, stating that the award validates the hard work and dedication of Bridge’s staff in creating an environment where every individual is valued and supported.

Veronica and Vincent, reflecting on the achievement, expressed their pride in Bridge’s recognition and the ongoing efforts to enhance learning gains and deliver life-changing education.

The awards also highlighted the role of proud parents like Jacob Mbugugu, whose unwavering support contributes to their children’s academic success, fostering confidence in a bright future.