Celebrating Global Parents Day- 1st of June 2023

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To all Bridge parents
We celebrate and honor all of you for working tirelessly to give your children the best possible future. Thank you for recognizing that education is the key to unlocking endless opportunities and for investing in your child's future. Your dedication and hard work as a parent are truly inspiring, and your children will undoubtedly benefit from your efforts for years to come.
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Byron Peter Ochieng scores 403 marks in the KCPE 2022 Exams
"I could not believe it when I heard, I had scored 403 marks in the exams, I was elated because it has always been my desire to succeed in life." Says Byron
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Dennis Muthoka Munyao scores 402 marks in the KCPE 2022 exams
"Passing my KCPE exams means the world to me because I am a step closer to achieving my dream of becoming an Aeronautical Engineer." Says Dennis
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Eight years of top performance for Bridge Kenya pupils
Five pupils achieved 400 marks or more putting them in the top 1% of pupils nationally.
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