Carolyn Wanjiru Mwangi

Carolyn, a teacher at Bridge Kenya, Muchatha- Kiambu County believes she is in her position today because of women empowerment and gender equality. Carolyn believes in gender equality because according to statistics women are more populated as compared to men. She feels increasing more positions for women in the education sector and job market will have a positive effect on the economy.

As a woman who works, Carolyn says she has seen tremendous growth in women who are empowered through education. They are able to get good jobs or run good businesses which have given them financial stability. In return, women are now powerful and do not need to depend on a man for financial support. We have seen women who are now breadwinners in their families. She also adds that an empowered woman is unlikely to endure any form of abuse from her husband or a life partner.

Her role model is Wangari Maathai because she broke gender barriers and stereotypes, she fought for the planting of trees that have given us beautiful sceneries. Carolyn urges all women to come together and be as strong and unshaken as Wangari Maathai was. She concludes by saying if we break gender barriers and empower more women, it will go a long way in strengthening young girls to fight for their right to education and a better life. Girls will know there is more to life than getting married and conceiving children.