Emmaculate Ojanji

Meet Emmaculate Ojanji, an Academy Manager at Bridge Kabiria in Nairobi County who has worked at Bridge for the past 7 years! Emmaculate believes that Literacy is very crucial in a person’s growth and development. “Without literacy I wouldn’t be here today.” Says Emmaculate.

Emmaculate says one thing she loves about Bridge is the fact that it teaches numeracy and literacy subjects, which other schools do not offer. This explains why pupils at Bridge tend to improve their reading and writing skills faster than the average child.

“At Bridge, literacy is at the core of our work. All our programmes are designed to ensure that our pupils attain the literacy skills required to make them competitive learners. For seven consecutive years since 2015, our pupils have outperformed their peers in the KCPE exams across the country. “ Says Emmaculate.

On Literacy day, a day which is observed annually on the 8th of September to raise awareness of the literacy agenda towards a more literate and sustainable society, Emmaculate urges people to champion for a more literate community.

“Without literacy skills, children can be left behind when they grow up. For instance, many job openings are posted online. One needs to be digitally literate to understand how to use the Internet and apply to these job openings. But even before that, you need to know how to read and comprehend what you are reading.” Concludes Emmaculate.