Josephat Ongeto

Meet Josephat Ongeto from Sinai in Nairobi County. He is a parent to a pupil in class 7 at Bridge academy Sinai. He says he loves Bridge because it is an organized school that provides quality education and the teachers at Bridge are simply amazing.

Bridge is a very organized school that provides affordable education. It also has teachers who care for their pupils’ well-being, are committed to teaching, and always follow up on every child’s progress individually to determine their level of progress and comprehension. He says.

Josephat says that Bridge school is well known due to the outstanding performance of its pupils and teachers who are always nice, always committed to teaching, understanding, and welcoming.

When I first enroled my child at Bridge, I had done due diligence about the school and gotten positive reviews about how pupils perform. After a lot of research I decided to enrol my child and within the first term my son’s perfomance had tremendously improved.

Bridge International Academy is certain that access to affordable and quality education is what children need to take charge of their destiny and break the cycle of poverty in their families. As a result, parents like Josephat can attest to the impact Bridge has on the performance of pupils. He urges other parents o take the chance because he can confirm that Bridge is one of the best schools in the community he comes from.