Maureen Omondi

Maureen Omondi is an academy manager at Bridge, Tuwani in Nzoia County, Kenya. Her school is achieving above average results she says, and her pupils are very enthusiastic about learning at Bridge. She credits this enthusiasm to her hardworking teachers. They go above and beyond to ensure pupils are reaching their full potential. “I have a very good relationship with the teachers,” Maureen explains, “we’re close and always collaborate with one another.” The support she receives from them and the Board of Management (a parental committee committed to helping the school), makes her job a pleasure.  

Maureen has put in impressive work ensuring that the school goes beyond an institution and becomes a family. Pupils participate in drama, athletics and music festivals, sometimes even competing at County level! Maureen believes that these kinds of activities help to build stronger bonds throughout the school. She says that her school is helping to “empower the community” through the influence of Super Mamas. They have an ethos of being extremely caring to all families who are in Bridge.

“I’m committed to seeing my academy reach even greater heights and ensuring that we lay the educational foundation to really change the lives of these children,” Maureen says passionately, “I’m absolutely confident that we’ll do it!”