Vincencia Nyaminde

Vincencia Nyaminde is Class Eight teacher from Kenya. Before joining Bridge, she found teaching to be very challenging. There were too many pupils in class at her government school and few materials for her pupils; from payment to teacher motivation, there were difficulties and teachers often missed school.

After a frustrating start to her career she joined Bridge, following a recommendation from a friend. She describes her first impressions: “It’s an institution with a strong organisational culture, where those in the school feel more like family.”

She’s so proud of the progress she’s seen in both herself and her pupils, adding: “They say that doing what you like is freedom while liking what you do is happiness, an adage that tells my story since joining Bridge.”

One special pupil under the support of Vincencia was Lucy Mueni — our best performing female pupil in the 2017 Kenyan primary schools leavers exam (KCPE).