Phyllis Kubania

39-year-old Phyllis Kubania has been a teacher at Bridge Wietethie in Kiambu County for 7 years. She comes from a community that comprises mainly casual workers or small business owners. Most people cannot afford to send their kids to costly schools and since they look for schools that are affordable but offer good education most end up sending their children to Bridge. Phyllis says all pupils who join Bridge always improve in their performance and discipline.

“I like the Bridge teaching system because all the lesson plans are already done so it’s easier for me to deliver lessons. I also love the parent-teacher relationship at Bridge.” Says Phyllis. She believes when a parent is involved in a child’s academic progress, the child tends to perform better and the parent feels like part of their child’s academic journey.

Phyllis says Bridge also supports teachers both in their career growth and life. She feels she has improved in terms of growth, for example during parent meetings, she has learned how to become a leader and handle masses of people. She now has the capability to run things on her own.

“To anyone who wants to join Bridge, it is every parent’s dream especially those from humble backgrounds. I am personally a mother who has had two kids pass through the Bridge system and are doing well for themselves right now. “ Says Phyllis.