Praise Bosibori

Praise Bosibori  is a Grade 6 pupil who goes to Bridge academy kwa Reuben. Ever since Praise joined Bridge she says her love for mathematics tripled because of how the teachers there deliver the lesson. “I have always loved mathematics and  Bridge teachers have really helped me sharpen my skills in the subject.” She says.

Praise comes from a humble background where her mother is a tailor while her father is a driver at Menengai- a soap manufacturing company. “I hate it when I see my parents struggle and that’s why I work hard to create a better future for me, for them, for us. ” Says Praise.

While she is not busy playing with numbers, she is busy playing football. She says her love for football surpasses all other co-curricular activities. “One thing I love about Bridge is that it is not always books as they say, all work with no play makes Jack a dull boy. The co-curricular activities offered help pupils to grow in all aspects of their lives.” Says Praise with a charming smile. 

Her love for numbers makes her believe she could be a great mathematician. All the best Sally in achieving your dreams!