Against All Odds: Real Stories of Triumph Through Education

The “Against All Odds” campaign showcases the remarkable stories of Bridge alumni who have triumphed over adversity through access to quality education. It underscores the importance of education as a powerful force capable of breaking down barriers, transforming lives and shaping the future.

In a world where access to quality education remains a pressing global issue, this campaign emphasizes the significance of education as a fundamental human right for every child, regardless of their background. It highlights the Sustainable Development Goal of providing equitable educational opportunities, as education serves as a pathway out of poverty and a means to achieve social and economic mobility.

Through the campaign, we celebrate the resilience, determination and achievements of these Bridge alumni. It demonstrates that with access to quality education, children can defy all odds and unlock their full potential. Their stories inspire others facing similar circumstances, highlighting the importance of providing educational opportunities to every child.


Inspirational Life Journeys

The campaign focuses on the incredible journeys of children like Bradley Lukibisi, Judith Kawira, Brian Mutave, Margaret Wanjiru, Levison Musila, Bonface Opumbi, John Wekesa, and Mercyline Mokeira, all of whom have triumphed over various obstacles to pursue their dreams. These stories vividly illustrate the transformative power of quality education, showcasing how it empowers individuals, uplifts communities, and creates a brighter future for all.

Bradley Lukibisi, a Masinde Muliro University student and 2016 Bridge Picadilly alumnus, scored an impressive 404 marks in the KCPE exams. He is now pursuing Mechanical Engineering, fueled by his aspiration to break free from the cycle of poverty and create a better future for himself and his community.

Judith Kawira, the eldest of three siblings, was born on January 2nd, 2003, in Isiolo County. She attended a Bridge academy, achieving an outstanding 394 marks in the KCPE exams. Later, she gained admission to Chogoria Girls High School in Tharaka Nithi County. Today, Judith is an Economics and Finance student at Mount Kenya University.

Brian Mutave’s journey towards becoming an Engineer started at a Bridge School in Machakos County. After excelling in the KCPE Exams, Brian joined Mangu High School, a National school, and achieved remarkable results in his O-level exams in 2021, scoring an excellent A-. That same year, he secured admission to Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT), where he is now pursuing Civil Engineering.

Margaret Wanjiru, born on July 11th, 2002, in Kiambu County, is the first-born in a family of two. Her parents, casual labourers, struggled to support her education. However, Bridge’s sponsorship during her primary school years enabled her to excel academically. She is now studying Medical Biochemistry at JKUAT.

Levison Musila, born on March 7th, 2002, in Kakamega County, is the last born in a family of three. His parents are unemployed, and his older sisters haven’t attended university. Despite financial hurdles, Levison scored excellently in his KCPE exams and joined Butere Boy’s School. He later enrolled in Muranga’ University to study Software Engineering.

Boniface Opumbi, born on July 17th, 2003, in Kakamega County, is the second-born in a family of three. His mother works as a house help, and his father has never been present in his life. Despite financial challenges, Boniface scored 400 in his KCPE exams at Bridge Picadilly. He joined Chavakali High School and is now pursuing Medical Microbiology at JKUAT.

John Wekesa, born on September 22nd, 2003, in Bungoma County, is the last born in a family of five. His parents, a boda boda rider and a farmer, struggled to make ends meet. Despite these challenges, John excelled in his KCPE exams and joined Butula Boys High School. He later enrolled at Egerton University to study Education Science.

These inspirational stories among many others are the manuscripts of thousands of children in Kenya. They show the impeccable power of education from a solid primary school foundation and what doors it can open to transform the lives of children who had once lost all hope in life. 

The “Against All Odds” campaign aims to raise awareness about the transformative power of education and advocate for increased access to quality education worldwide. It calls for collective action and support to ensure that every child, regardless of their background, can realize their dreams and contribute to a better future for themselves, their communities, and the world at large.

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