Bridge International Academies’ Pupils Secure Admissions to Top National Schools

Bridge International Academies (Bridge) continues to pave the way for academic excellence as its highest-scoring pupils gain admissions to some of the most prestigious national secondary schools across Kenya. These remarkable achievements not only demonstrate the capabilities of Bridge Academy students but also reinforce the institution’s commitment to providing quality education.

Bridge’s highest-scoring pupil, Victor Nduati Ndriangu from Kinango, Kwale County, has achieved an exceptional score of 412 points in the KCPE exams. He has secured admission to Muranga High School, one of Kenya’s most respected national schools.

Bridge’s top performing Pupil Victor Ndirangu


Bridge’s top-performing girl, Flavian Carol Omondi, from Bridge Chiga in Kisumu County, has achieved an impressive score of 407 in the KCPE exams. She has secured admission to Asumbi Girls, a highly esteemed national school that provides an exceptional educational opportunity for deserving students.

Bridge’s top performing girl, Flavian Carol Omondi.

Arkham Shabaki Dzua, a stellar performer from Bridge Shanzu in Mombasa, has achieved a commendable score of 401 in the KCPE exams. As a result, he has secured admission to Maranda High School, a renowned national school highly regarded for its academic excellence and rigorous educational programs.

The exceptional performance of the girls at Bridge has not gone unnoticed, as they have achieved outstanding results and secured coveted spots in prestigious national high schools. This accomplishment highlights the excellent support provided by Bridge in promoting girls’ education and empowering them to excel academically.

Mbugua Mary Muthoni, a talented student from Bridge Kabiria, has obtained an impressive score of 390 in the KCPE exams. She has earned a place at Moi Girls Isinya, a prestigious national school that offers exceptional opportunities for academic and personal growth. This achievement is highly desirable for many girls who aspire to receive such a remarkable educational opportunity.

Ouma Samira Juliet, an outstanding student from Bridge Mwembe Kiisi, has obtained an impressive score of 399 in the KCPE exams. As a result of her exceptional performance, she has been placed in Starehe Girls’ Centre, a renowned national school that is highly regarded for its academic excellence and holistic education. This opportunity is highly esteemed and showcases the recognition of Samira’s remarkable abilities.

The boys at Bridge are also celebrating their remarkable achievements. Francis Eddy Ouma, a talented student from Bridge Academy Ambira in Siaya County, has achieved an impressive score of 393 in the KCPE exams. He has secured a place in Chavakali High School, a prestigious national secondary school known for its academic excellence and holistic development programs. Francis’s accomplishment is commendable and demonstrates Bridge pupils’ exceptional potential.

Mourice Kiarie Kamau, a diligent pupil from Bridge Mjini Bungoma county, achieved a commendable score of 383 in the KCPE exams. As a result, he has secured a place at Kakamega School, a highly respected institution known for its academic excellence and strong educational foundation. Mourice’s accomplishment reflects his dedication and the high standard of education provided at Bridge.

These placements indeed hold immense significance as they mark the culmination of the 9-year journey of Bridge Academy students in the KCPE exams. Throughout these years, the pupils from Bridge Academies have consistently displayed exceptional academic performance, continuously surpassing the national average and securing top positions in various national schools across the country. This legacy of outstanding achievements highlights the effectiveness of the education provided and the dedication of both the pupils and the teachers. With such remarkable accomplishments, the future looks incredibly promising for these pupils. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to these exceptional students for their well-deserved success.

Top 21 Performing Pupils and Their Respective Placements

Accessing Placement Information:

Parents, pupils, and stakeholders can access the secondary school placement details by following a straightforward process. Previously performed through SMS, the new procedure involves downloading the information online via the URL: This platform assists in providing comprehensive placement details for each pupil. On the Kemis website, go to ‘Form One Selection and Placement’, enter the candidate’s index number and full name, then search. The school the candidate has been placed in will be displayed.