Bridge International Academies shortlisted for the Great Places to School Awards

Bridge International Academies, a leading provider of quality education in underserved communities, has been shortlisted for its commitment to excellence in education as part of the 4th edition of the Great Places to School Awards, 2024.

The awards, which celebrate educational institutions that demonstrate outstanding achievements in various categories, have acknowledged Bridge’s exemplary contributions to education in marginalized communities.

In addition to Bridge International Academies, other notable contenders for the prestigious awards include Kiota School, Aga Khan High School, Loreto Girls High School, Nairobi International School, among others. These schools, some of the country’s most widely known and recognized brands, exemplify excellence in education and community engagement.

The ceremony, will be held at the Panari Hotel in Nairobi on the 22nd of March 2024, and is part of a collaborative venture led by the Global Peace Foundation Kenya, Standard Group PLC, Kenya Private Schools Association, CEMASTEA, and Opinion Track Limited embodies the spirit of innovation and inclusivity in education. It celebrates schools that champion transformative learning environments.

Bridge International Academies is currently under consideration for recognition in three categories, namely Equity & Inclusion, Academic Excellence, and Technology & Innovation. These categories highlight Bridge’s multifaceted approach to providing inclusive, equitable, and technologically advanced education to students, especially those living in some of the world’s most marginalized communities.

In the Equity & Inclusion category, Bridge International Academies stands out for its unwavering dedication to providing quality education to every child, regardless of their background or ability.

By implementing inclusive teaching methods, offering specialized support services, and actively involving parents and guardians in the educational process, Bridge ensures that all students have access to the resources and opportunities they need to succeed.

Obonyo Phleshia, a Grade 3 teacher at Bridge International Academies, expressed his joy over the recognition. “This fills my heart with pride. It’s a validation of every late night spent preparing lesson plans, every tear shed over a struggling student, and every moment of doubt overcome. I am grateful and humbled to be part of an organisation that transforms lives.”


At the heart of Bridge’s mission lies a commitment to bridging the educational divide by delivering excellence at a fraction of the cost. Through groundbreaking initiatives and the innovative use of technology, such as custom tablets, Bridge ensures that the transformative power of education reaches even the most remote corners of our country, distinguishing itself in the Technology and Innovation category.

By providing digital learning tools, employing data-driven instruction, and utilizing innovative curriculum delivery methods, Bridge ensures that students have access to a high-quality education that prepares them for success in the digital age.

Griffin Asigo, Managing Director of Bridge Kenya, expressed, “At Bridge, we’ve redefined the boundaries of education access. By providing low-cost education coupled with our innovative use of low-maintenance devices like custom tablets is breaking down barriers, ensuring that quality education is not confined by geography. It’s about reaching the unreachable and making a lasting impact on communities.”

In the Academic Excellence category, Bridge International Academies continues to demonstrate its commitment to fostering academic achievement and excellence among its students. Through rigorous curriculum standards, data-driven instruction, and continuous teacher training, Bridge ensures that students receive a high-quality education that prepares them for success in the global arena.

With a legacy spanning over a decade, Bridge International Academies has consistently surpassed expectations, with its students consistently outperforming the national average in primary school exit exams. The top performing pupil in the KCPE 2023 exams, Victor Nduati scored an impeccable 412 marks.

Sharon Cheramboss, Policy and Partnerships Director expressed her excitement saying the work is far from over, “This recognition, symbolises not just an achievement, but a promise—to continue championing equity, inclusivity, and excellence in education, until every child, regardless of circumstance, has the opportunity to shine.”

Bridge’s achievements in these categories reflect its unwavering commitment to transforming education and empowering communities. Since its establishment in 2009, Bridge International Academies has schooled well over 1 million pupils, making quality education accessible, especially for low-income families.

Furthermore, Bridge’s alumni network has seen graduates secure scholarships to study abroad, including in the U.S., thereby changing generations and empowering individuals to reach their full potential. Bridge International Academies stands as a shining example of innovation, inclusion, and excellence in education.