We believe an educated girl is powerful. Super powerful. Do you?

Against the odds, across Africa and India girls are working extra hard in school to fulfil their dreams.

They believe that they can achieve anything if they study hard. All they need is a good school, a great teacher and a chance to learn. It does not matter – despite what many say –  that they live in extreme poverty or that they are girls.

Meet a lucky few who have been encouraged, supported and inspired to realise their superpower and reach for the skies:

  • Aspiring President from Liberia, Lucia, is just ten-years-old.
  • Little six-year-old Saritha from India wants to travel to the stars.
  • Eight-year-old Jacintah from Kenya wants to heal the sick in her village.
  • Diana is 12-years-old and doesn’t believe science is for boys, she wants to be a doctor in Uganda.
  • In Nigeria, ten-year-old Ameerah wants to be a pharmacist when she grows up.

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Sadly, the latest UN education report revealed that the number of girls out of school has actually increased by over 6% in just one year!

In response, we’re calling on policymakers to prioritise gender equality in education by sharing the big ambitions of girls who are working hard in school, but often forgotten.

We believe educated girls can defy expectations, challenge stereotypes and escape poverty. Do you?

Challenge world leaders. Share their dreams. Add your voice to the #GirlSuperPower Campaign

Here are a lucky few who have a good teacher and a great school.