Imagine The Possibilities

In an incredible milestone moment, the first of Bridge’s Alumni in Kenya are now attending elite US universities after winning scholarship places. The journeys of Natasha, Josephine, Geoffrey and Grace, from some of Kenya’s most impoverished communities to prestigious US universities shows the true power of education.

Natasha is from a single parent family in the Kawangware slum. Geoffrey grew up with his grandmother, in Naivasha who struggled to feed and clothe him.  Josephine is from a large family in Rongai; whose many siblings did not have her opportunities. 

Grace went to school in Mwembe Kisii; her mum was a public school teacher who understood the importance of a strong education and sought out a school to provide it. These students and their backgrounds are the same as hundreds of millions of children who are left behind because they do not have the opportunity to excel; because they do not have access to a good school. 

Our Alumni have big dreams and now have every chance of fulfilling them. Grace hopes to pursue a career in neurosurgery, Natasha dreams of being a  social entrepreneur and bringing change to her community and Josephine and Geoffrey plan on eventually qualifying as doctors.

They are starting university in unusual times, but that does not hamper their excitement or their ambition. These four students are timely and inspiring examples of what is possible when children from some of Africa’s most impoverished communities have access to good schools and empowered teachers.

As the world starts to consider rebuilding and re-imagining education systems after COVID consider the change that would be possible if every girl had the same educational opportunities as Natasha, Josephine and Grace; and every child had the same access to a good school as Geoffrey. It is possible, the programmes already exist.