Jubilation as Bridge Kenya holds the PP2 Graduation and Star Pupil Awards Ceremony

The 2022 academic year has come to an end, it is Bridge Kenya’s tradition to take stock of our successes throughout the year and celebrate the achievements together with our parents and community.

Earlier in the year, study findings by Nobel Prize Winner, Professor Micheal Kremer which confirmed that after two years, primary school pupils at Bridge Kenya schools are nearly a whole additional year ahead of children taught using standard methods gave us more reason to celebrate.

In partnership with parents and the communities, Bridge Kenya held a graduation ceremony for all its PP2 graduands across the institution’s academies in the country. Alongside the graduation ceremony both pupils and teachers who performed exemplary well in the year 2022 were awarded as it is our culture to motivate people by recognizing their good work.

The PP2 graduation marks a major milestone for children and their parents as they watch their children transition to the next phase of their life. It is the joy of every parent to see their children honing and developing their talents, skills, and potential – in becoming better citizens in the future.

Bridge provides children with a life-changing education that gives them a strong foundation and the gateway to their future success. For well over a decade, they have partnered with the Kenyan government, including being a pilot partner in the rollout of the Competency-Based Curriculum (CBC).

Speaking during the graduation ceremony, Bridge Kenya MD Griffin Asigo said that Bridge Kenya works in partnership with communities, teachers, and parents to deliver quality education for primary and pre-primary children.

“We are excited that a study by Nobel Prize winner, Professor Michael Kremer showed that learning gains in schools implementing Bridge International Academies’ integrated methodology were greater for pupils starting from the lowest levels. We are committed to helping achieve United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4: ensuring inclusive and quality education for all.” Said Mr.Asigo

The graduation ceremony created happy emotions for the teaching and support staff at Bridge.

“I am thrilled to be part of this celebration. Congratulations to all the graduates on this special day of their lives and to every teacher who received an award for their exemplary work. Children are our future, they have the potential to bring incredible change to our world and so it is our duty to reach out to them, nurture their dreams and do whatever we can to help them rise to their highest potential.” Said Billy Onyango the Senior Officer; IT Operations.

Damiana Mukami, a teacher at Bridge Sinai, Nairobi County who was among the teachers who were awarded during the ceremony says, seeing pupils succeed and transition to different paths in life as they chase their dreams gives them satisfaction.

“As a teacher, watching these young, brilliant minds learn something new every day, the endless questions and curiosity they have, their innocent eyes and beautiful smiles make me get emotionally attached to them and today watching them graduate is also a win for me.” She says.

For Joseph Ojina, Academy Manager at Bridge Maji Safi in Mombasa County, watching the little angels with their pretty gowns matching around melted his heart.

“When I looked at these children with their happy faces, walking around in excitement I felt happy because I know we have impacted their lives in one way or another. I hope that when they are all grown, they will look back and remember the teachers who held their hands and sharpened their minds and that they are loved, powerful, valued, and that the future belongs to them.” He says.

Mirriam Nzisa is a proud parent of 6-year-old Gideon Nzisa who recently graduated. She takes a trip to nostalgia to when Gideon first stepped foot into Bridge.

“When I enroled Gideon at Bridge, starting school for the first time was scary for both of us. For him, because it was the first time he would be left with strangers, and for me, because I had separation anxiety not sure if he would fit in. But as days turned into months I realized Bridge teachers were caring and loving. They instilled in him independence and self-reliance and today my little boy is graduating. Thank you, Bridge! She says.

On the other hand, Mary Kirua a parent at Bridge Serem in Vihiga County is grateful that Bridge has made his little star, Whitney Cherop rise like a phoenix.

“When my daughter joined Bridge she was a shy child who could not express herself well but as time went by, she suddenly changed into this confident person who was not afraid to socialize and speak her mind. Through Bridge, she learned to explore things, discover her talents, have fun and make friends. Words are not enough to express my heartfelt gratitude to Bridge.” She says.

Early childhood learning is crucial for the growth and development of a child. A child who receives good education in their formative stages is more likely to perform well later in life. It is at preschool that children start building the foundation for their future success.

That’s when they learn activities such as playing, singing, running, and painting. The importance of unstructured learning too cannot be emphasized, enough. These activities may be said to be simple activities but their role in a child’s learning foundation is indispensable.

They play a crucial role in building important cognitive, social, and emotional skills. They also help build visual skills, listening skills, speaking skills, communication skills, interpersonal skills and enhance cognitive ability and decision-making.

It is therefore important for parents to carefully choose where they want their children to kickstart their education journey because just like we build strong foundations of our homes to make them last for decades; the same approach should be followed for building a strong learning foundation for children.

We, at Bridge Kenya, are committed to equipping our pupils with the necessary skills and knowledge needed for a lifetime of educational success. We are dedicated to helping young learners thrive and discover their full potential. Want to enrol with us? Call 0800 722 123 or click here