National exam results: Year 2 (2016)

2016 was the second year that Bridge pupils entered the KCPE with 2,965 sitting the exam — 1,455 were girls and 1,510 were boys.

The KCPE pass mark is 250 and achieving this score makes a child eligible to attend secondary school.

Key statistic:

Further statistics:

Girls education:


Length of time:

Average performance increases the longer a pupil is learning at Bridge. Pupils with at least four academic years at Bridge averaged 269.9 marks, and pupils enrolled at least 5 years averaged 272.2 marks. 

Secondary schools:

In 2016, 42.1% of pupils were accepted into National, Extra-county, County, or Sub-county schools.

Six pupils were awarded scholarships to prestigious U.S. high schools: Miss Hall’s School, MA; Rabun Gap-Nacoochee, GA; St Andrews, FL; Avenues: The World School, NY; and, Episcopal High School and St. Anne’s-Belfield, VA. Watch the journey of one of our pupils.