National exam results: Year 9 (2023)

In November 2023 Bridge International Academies Kenya pupils entered the Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) for the ninth year. 1,724 Bridge Kenya pupils (851 females, 873 males) sat for the exams.

There is no ‘pass mark’ in the KCPE. However, the score determines the type of secondary school a child is eligible to attend. The mean total score for pupils across all schools in Kenya is 250.

Key statistics:

Bridge continues its trend of significantly outperforming the national average for 9 straight years. It is far surpassing the national average for pupils scoring 300 and above. 33.4% of the pupils scored 300+ compared to 25.7% nationally.

Other top performing pupils were:

Pupils who attend Bridge for longer achieve much higher scores on the KCPE. Students who have attended 5+ years at Bridge score an average of 29 points above the national average. 

Further statistics: