Maxwell Muyale, Nominated for Employee of the year Awards!

Exclusive Interview with Maxwell Muyale: Unveiling Success and Vision, Nominated for Employee of the Year

Maxwell Muyale the Projects Director Bridge Kenya, a nominee for this year’s highly esteemed Employee of the Year award, epitomizes visionary leadership and collaborative excellence. He serves as an exceptional model of transformative and collaborative leadership in the ever-evolving realm of strategic project management. 

With a wealth of experience gained from esteemed organizations like Strathmore and Bloomberg Philanthropies, Maxwell brings a decade-long journey to his current position as Project Director at Bridge Kenya. 

However, his impact extends beyond his professional accomplishments. Maxwell’s unwavering commitment to his family fuels his drive for success. As a devoted husband and father to two energetic tweens, they serve as the foundation of his dedication and inspire him to excel in both his personal and professional life.

We had the privilege of sitting down exclusively with Maxwell Muyale for a one-on-one chat. During our conversation, we explored his remarkable journey, delving into his insights, challenges, and aspirations that have defined his path to excellence.

Interviewer: Maxwell, your journey in strategic project management spans over a decade with remarkable experiences across prestigious organizations. Could you share a bit about your career trajectory and your current role at Bridge Kenya as the Project Director?

Maxwell: Of course! My career has been an exhilarating ride through various sectors, each contributing unique lessons. I’ve had the privilege of working with exceptional teams at Strathmore and Bloomberg Philanthropies, which significantly shaped my approach to project management. At Bridge Kenya, I wear the hat of the Project Director, a significant milestone for me in the year 2023. It’s a role that allows me to spearhead pivotal strategic initiatives, ensuring their execution while orchestrating operational efficiency within our organization.

I am proud to be a part of an exceptional leadership team. Together, we have established a strong and cohesive unit, united by a common purpose and driven by shared ambitions. Through our close collaboration and aligned vision, we have not only supported one another but also achieved higher standards by holding ourselves accountable and embracing opportunities for cross-learning in our meetings and interactions. This is particularly meaningful to me, as fostering synergy and collaboration within the team is one of my core responsibilities. The remarkable progress we have made in such a short period is truly commendable. It serves as evidence that given more time, our leadership team has the potential to become an even more powerful force, capable of achieving even greater success. 

Interviewer: Beyond your professional endeavors, you’ve mentioned being a devoted family man. How do your personal experiences influence your professional drive?

Maxwell: Ah, my family is my backbone, truly. They infuse every aspect of my life with purpose and joy. Being a husband and a dad to two incredible twins adds so much colour to my journey. They’re a constant source of motivation, reminding me of the importance of balance and dedication. Their support empowers me to bring my best self to both my personal and professional spheres. 

Interviewer: Overcoming challenges often leads to growth. Can you share a specific challenge you faced and how you overcame it? What did you learn from that experience?

Ah Yes! One challenge that I often face is the constant battle between striving for perfection and the need for timely delivery. I tend to be a perfectionist, which means I spend a lot of time refining and fine-tuning my thoughts and ideas until they reach a level close to perfection. While this approach works well when I am working alone or within a controlled environment, it becomes more difficult to maintain when in positions of higher leadership. This challenge has been particularly evident over the past few months. While earlier I may have been so caught up in doing things so perfectly, with guidance from my two supervisors, I opened up to the power of starting on things and improving on them as I go along. 

Get me right, even with that, you have to be clear on your vision/goals and the roadmap to success before starting. I now put focus on giving my submissions or ideas a very good shot so that by the first discussion, my thoughts are clearer and only a little brainstorming and guidance get it the perfection my persona relates to. To those I mentor and provide strategic support, I follow the same line of thought and demand a clear purpose for engagements and a deliberate effort to give their best.

Interviewer: In your role, how do you embody Bridge’s values and culture in your day-to-day work?

Maxwell: Living Bridge’s values is a constant commitment. Continuous improvement and operational efficiency are at the core of my daily engagements. I intertwine data-driven methodologies into decision-making and problem-solving, always striving for impactful interventions aligned with Bridge’s ethos. Those I have interacted with will attest that my focus is on problem-solving and deliberate drive to get things done irrespective of how impossible or difficult it may seem.

Interviewer: The Employee of the Year award signifies not just individual success but also teamwork. How do you contribute to fostering a positive and collaborative team environment?

Maxwell: Absolutely, it’s a collective journey. I make it a point to be approachable, fostering collaboration through an open-door policy. Engaging with colleagues across hierarchies fuels an environment where collaboration thrives—it’s about co-creating success together.

I do not consider this an individual success or trophy, even more, it is a win for those considering me an employee of the year. I believe in being available for my team and colleagues, by creating the time and learning more about them and their roles I can offer value to them and overall support or guidance where needed.

Interviewer: Looking ahead, what are your goals for the upcoming year, and how do you plan to continue making a positive impact on our team and organization?

Maxwell: Looking forward, my goal extends beyond personal recognition. I want others too, to be recognized as ‘employee of the year’ in their own right/space. The more we push the bar higher, the better our organization will get at transforming the lives of the pupils and communities we serve. Our focus is on expanding Bridge International’s outreach, nurturing academic excellence, and enhancing operational efficiency. We aim to transform more lives within the communities we serve, pushing boundaries to create meaningful impacts.

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