From Milk Company Employee to Community Cyberpioneer: The Journey of Bonface Mogaka


In the bustling heart of Kisii County, a story of determination, innovation, and community spirit unfolds. Bonface Mogaka, embarked on a  journey that saw him evolve from a milk company employee to the owner of a cyber café known as Proff. Cyber located in Nairobi County along Uchumi Tetrapark. He is also a budding entrepreneur in the furniture industry. This is his story—a testament to the power of dreams, hard work, and a commitment to giving back to the community.

The Humble Beginnings

Bonface Mogaka, 37, born and raised in Kisii County, started his professional journey working in a milk company. However, in 2010, driven by a desire to create something of his own, he left his job and ventured into the world of entrepreneurship. His initial foray into business was a photo studio. Unfortunately, the venture didn’t meet his expectations, prompting him to pivot and incorporate a cyber café into his business model.

Building the Cyber Café

Leveraging his knowledge from studying computer packages in school, Bonface expanded his services to include printing, photocopying, computer classes, and sales of various computer-related. His cyber café offered essential services such as, selling rim papers, flash disks and memory cards. Despite facing significant challenges such as high competition and a less-than-ideal location, Bonface’s cyber café slowly but steadily carved out a niche in the community.

Navigating Challenges and Learning Lessons

The journey was far from easy. The high cost of materials and the inability to hike prices due to the local economy meant that profits were slim. However, Bonface learned valuable lessons along the way.

Getting a good location for the business is key,” he says. “Marketing your business is also crucial. When buying stock, you should buy in bulk to save money and increase your profit margins.

These insights, combined with his record-keeping of sales and services, have kept his business afloat. His resilience in the face of economic pressures and his ability to adapt and learn have been instrumental in his success.

Community Impact and Future Aspirations

One of Bonface’s proudest achievements is the positive impact his business has had on the local community. By offering services at a cheaper price, especially to schools and low-income individuals, he has made technology and education more accessible. 

Moreover, Bonface has become a mentor in his community. He has trained several people in computer skills, many of whom have gone on to secure jobs.

I have taught several people who have even come back to thank me with a token of appreciation,” he says with pride.

Looking ahead, Bonface is not settling. He has already started expanding into the furniture business, a field he has gained skills in extensively. His vision includes creating multiple cyber spaces in different locations and offering diverse services like video shooting, editing, and design.

A Message of Hope and Call for Support

Bonface’s journey is a source of hope for aspiring entrepreneurs. He emphasises the importance of creativity, continuous learning, and staying knowledgeable on current trends and technologies. His ultimate hope is to continue supporting his community and expand his business horizons.

He also extends a call to companies and individuals, expressing a desire for collaboration.

By them just coming to get my services and buying things like furniture from me enhances my business,  he notes.

He hopes to secure occasional printing work from schools around his community, which would provide a significant boost to his enterprise.


Bonface Mogaka’s story is more than just a business narrative; it’s a chronicle of determination, community service, and the relentless pursuit of growth. From a modest beginning in a milk company to owning a cyber café and venturing into furniture, Bonface embodies the spirit of entrepreneurship. 

His journey is an inspiration, reminding us that with dedication and a willingness to adapt, dreams can indeed become reality.

Support Bonface Mogaka

If you would like to support Bonface in any way, whether by getting services from him or boosting his business financially, please contact him through the following ways: