Resilience and Opportunity: Naomi Marango's Journey As Mama Chips


Naomi Marango’s entrepreneurial journey began during one of the most challenging times in recent history—the COVID-19 pandemic. Born in Kitale and raised in Malaba, Naomi’s life took a sharp turn when she lost her job and became a single mother with no one to depend on. Yet, her determination and culinary skills led her to establish Mama Chips in Kanduyi, offering affordable and delicious fries to her community.

A New Beginning Amidst Challenges

Naomi’s life changed dramatically when she got pregnant and lost her job at a hotel post-delivery.

The father to my child abandoned me when he found out I was pregnant, so I am the sole provider, Naomi explains.

Faced with the need to support herself and her child, she decided to leverage her experience in the hotel industry. Naomi noticed a market gap: while hotels sold fries at higher prices, there was no affordable roadside option. This insight led her to start selling fries by the roadside, offering them at prices accessible to low-income earners.

Overcoming Obstacles

Running Mama Chips comes with its share of challenges. Potatoes are perishable, leading to losses when there are no customers. Additionally, during drought seasons, potatoes become scarce and expensive, significantly reducing profit margins.

What I learned from these challenges is it’s good to expand my business further and sell more than just fries,  Naomi says.

She dreams of adding smokies, eggs, and vegetables to her business but currently lacks the capital to do so.

Business Practices and Community Impact

Naomi  tracks her sales, ensuring she knows her profit margins daily. This diligence helps her manage her finances and plan for the future. Mama Chips has become a beloved base in the community, providing affordable and convenient food options.

Naomi often caters for children’s birthday parties, offering her services at a fraction of the cost of hotel-catered events, making celebrations accessible for families from income communities.

Her unique position and affordable pricing have earned her a loyal customer base.

Future Aspirations

Naomi’s short-term goal is to expand her business to include eggs, vegetables, and smokies. In the long term, she dreams of opening her own hotel.

Business is not for the faint-hearted, she advises aspiring entrepreneurs. It requires a lot of grace and patience. Offering good customer service is also key in retaining clients.

A Call for Support

Naomi’s journey highlights the importance of community support. She encourages her community to continue buying fries from her and referring friends to Mama Chips. Additionally, she seeks financial assistance from well wishers, even if it’s in the form of a loan, to help expand her business.


Naomi Marango’s story is a testament to resilience, from losing her job and becoming a single mother to running a roadside fries business, Naomi’s journey with Mama Chips inspires those around her. Her dedication to providing affordable, high-quality food to her community underscores her entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to making a positive impact.

Support Naomi Marango

If you would like to support Naomi, whether by purchasing her delicious fries or providing financial assistance to help expand her business, please contact her through the following number:

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