From Setback to Success: Ramadhan Wesonga David's Journey in Electronics Repair


Ramadhan Wesonga commonly known as David in his home town began his journey as an entrepreneur in Kanduyi, Bungoma County. He was born and raised in Mihanga then later moved to Bungoma where he started his reputable business which goes by the name American Sound Repair and Hire. Despite facing significant challenges, his dedication to his craft and his family has helped him establish a valuable service for his community.

The Birth of a Business

David started his business in 2017, driven by the need to earn a living and provide for his children’s education.

Since I studied electronics in college, I decided to start fixing electronics such as TVs, sound systems, fridges, etc., for clients,” he explains.

His specialized skills set him apart in a market with limited expertise in electronic repairs.

Overcoming Challenges

Like many entrepreneurs, David has faced his share of obstacles. One major setback occurred when the county decided to build the Masinde Muliro Stadium, which led to the destruction of his stall. This forced him to relocate to a less strategic location, slowing down his business considerably.

Business became very slow since I had moved from a strategic place. I even considered transferring my children since I could not afford school fees, but Bridge was lenient with me, he recalls.

These experiences taught David the importance of having savings incase of difficult times. Despite the hardships, he continued to push forward. He knows how his business is performing by maintaining records of the services he provides each month to track his earnings and plan his finances.

Community Impact and Unique Selling Points

David’s business stands out not only because of his affordable rates but also due to the specialized nature of his services.

There are not many of us who have the skills of fixing televisions, radios, speakers, etc.,” he notes.

This niche expertise makes his services invaluable to the community, providing essential services that few others can offer.

By offering high-quality repairs at affordable prices, David ensures that his community has access to necessary services without having to travel far or pay exorbitant fees. His work not only keeps electronics functioning but also contributes to the local economy by providing reliable and affordable repair services.

Future Aspirations

David’s vision for the future includes expanding his business to a larger shop and stocking more spare parts. This expansion would enable him to serve more customers and provide a wider range of services. His advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is grounded in his own experience:

Be diligent and try to do a business that you are skilled in, not one that everybody seems to be doing.

A Call for Support

David’s journey highlights the crucial role of community support in sustaining local businesses. He encourages community members to utilize his services and seeks financial assistance from well wishers to help him purchase more spare parts, which would allow him to expand his business operations.

David’s story is a testament to the power of resilience, skill, and community support. From the challenges of losing his stall to building a business that provides essential services to his community, his journey with American Sound Repair and Hire is an inspiring example of what can be achieved with determination and expertise. His ongoing commitment to his craft and his community continues to make a positive impact in Kanduyi.

Support Ramadhan Wesonga David

If you would like to support Ramadhan, whether by utilizing his electronic repair services or providing financial assistance to help expand his business, please contact him through the following number:

Phone number: 0718773921

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