Nova Pioneer Sponsors Four Deserving Bridge Pupils to Further Their Secondary Education

Education remains an elusive dream for many talented pupils, especially when financial constraints pose insurmountable barriers. For these four deserving Bridge pupils, the journey to continue their education seemed uncertain until Nova Pioneer stepped in with invaluable support.

Despite facing various hardships, including financial limitations, these pupils demonstrated exceptional dedication, determination, and academic excellence. Nova Pioneer’s sponsorship has become a beacon of hope, illuminating the path for these bright minds to pursue their dreams and attain a brighter future.

Meet the Sponsored Students on Their Educational Journey

Mitchelle Tegere Bokeye

Meet Mitchelle Tegere Bokeye, one of the exceptional pupils sponsored by Nova Pioneer. Against all odds, Mitchelle scored an impressive 383 marks in her KCPE exams. Her education journey faced hurdles, but Bridge provided the necessary support. Her father, a dedicated laborer in the mines, worked tirelessly to ensure she could pursue her studies. Passionate about learning, Mitchelle’s aspirations soar high. Her dream? To become a surgeon. With Nova Pioneer’s support, her dreams are closer to reality.

Okombo Frankmills

Okombo Frankmills, Against all Odds, achieved an impressive 407 marks in his KCPE exams. Frankmills doesn’t just view learning as a task; it’s his passion, his driving force for the future. His family’s circumstances pose challenges; both his parents work as casual laborers, and Frankmills resides with his guiding light, his grandfather. Despite his dedication to education, asthma often disrupts his learning due to attacks and limited access to an inhaler.

Frankmills is facing some challenges, but with the support of Nova Pioneer, he is determined to overcome them. He has demonstrated his leadership skills in the past, having served as head boy, and is currently being groomed to become a future leader. Frankmills’ future looks promising.

Shirley Minayo

Shirley Minayo is another inspiring individual who defied numerous challenges to score 373 marks in her KCPE examinations. Despite the hurdles, her spirit remains unyielding, standing as a testament to her resilience. Shirley dreams of becoming a doctor and making a positive impact within her community. Beyond medicine, she is passionate about singing and aspires to create some of the most inspiring songs.

Despite her challenges, Shirley’s unwavering determination on her journey is truly admirable. Nova Pioneer’s support not only enables her to pursue her academic goals but also encourages her to dream beyond the classroom.

Scott Mwarocha

Scott Mwarocha emerged victorious, scoring an impressive 394 marks in his KCPE exams despite facing significant odds Despite having to walk 40 minutes every day to get to school, Scott demonstrated an unwavering commitment to his education, and his hard work paid off, particularly in Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

Scott has set his sights on becoming an aeronautical engineer, with a mission to improve plane safety and prevent aviation accidents. He firmly believes that determination and hard work can help him achieve his seemingly impossible dream. Luckily, Nova Pioneer has offered Scott sponsorship to help him achieve his goals. With his dedication and their support, Scott is now one step closer to making his dream a reality.

Empowering Futures: Impact Through Sponsorship and Academic Milestones

Bridge’s success stories don’t end there. This year, 42 pupils secured placements in National Secondary Schools, an increase from the 34 pupils placed the previous year. This marks a notable stride, accounting for 2.5% of the Bridge pupil cohort, as compared to the 2.1% achievement in 2022 and 1.7% in 2021 cohorts.

Gender distribution revealed a promising balance, with 24 boys and 18 girls earning placements in National Schools. While the 2.5% Bridge pupils placed in National Secondary Schools slightly trail the national average of 3.1%, an impressive 25.1% of Bridge pupils secured spots in National and Extra County Secondary Schools, surpassing the national average of 22.7%.

Further shining a light on academic excellence, four pupils soared beyond expectations, scoring 400+ marks. These outstanding achievers have been rightfully placed in various prestigious National Secondary Schools.

The impact of support and sponsorship has been monumental. To date, Bridge has facilitated over 300 pupils through their secondary education via partnerships and sponsors. Moreover, several students have transitioned to university, marking a significant milestone in their academic journey.