Abigael Julius

Meet Teacher Abigail Julius from Bridge Academy, Kwa Njenga Nairobi County,  Teacher Abigail who resides in pipeline joined Bridge in the year 2016 and she teaches grade 3. “When I first heard about Bridge I wasn’t quite sure about it after I had that I needed to go for another training. It felt as if they deemed me not qualified yet I was a government-certified teacher. However, joining Bridge was one of the best decisions I ever made.

I learned so much from the training and I feel it has developed me both personally and professionally.” Says Abigail. The pupils at her school really love her as they say she is strict yet very friendly. She is a teacher who puts a lot of effort in ensuring her pupils improve academically. “I believe the learning techniques I learned during the training prepared me to be a better teacher. I derive joy from seeing pupils who joined Bridge as below average students but later on actually surprise themselves by being among the top students.” She says smiling.

Teacher Abigail says that she loves teaching because it is a noble cause that helps shape the lives of the future generation. “I love teaching at Bridge because they have learning guides which are easy to use and easy for the pupils to understand. Seeing some of my pupils attend top national schools and universities is my utmost satisfaction.” Concludes Abigail.