Ann Mwangi

Meet Ann Mwangi a 35-year-old teacher at Bridge Gicagi in Nairobi County. Ann has been a teacher at Bridge for the past 10 years! She says for the years she has been teaching at Bridge she has found a lot of happiness because it is a cooperative community, that cares about everyone.

Ann adds that the quality of education at Bridge is impressive, she has personally witnessed pupils skyrocket from the bottom to the top. “I have received so many pupils who come from big schools but are so behind in class, they can’t read or write but after like 2 weeks they tend to improve. “ Says, Ann

As a Bridge teacher, Ann says she loves the teaching techniques at Bridge and how much they care for pupils. Ann says Bridge schools offer Saturday tuition which helps the pupils improve. “We have a program by the name pull a child aside. This is for pupils who do not perform very well so when other kids are maybe taking a nap or playing you try to educate them on areas you feel they were not catching up.” She says.

Ann feels that Bridge really supports its workers in all aspects of their lives. “Bridge has supported me in furthering my studies, it has trained me on how to handle kids, appreciate them, deliver lessons, and be organized. I feel it has really helped improve my teaching style. Says a happy Ann

She urges any Bridge parent who is not sure about enrolling their child at Bridge that enrolling them will help improve their performance which is evident from our KCPE performance. “We also have meetings with parents to update them on how their children are performing so we are able to note their academic progress. We also give parents an opportunity to write what they feel the pupil is lagging behind in and as a teacher we help.” She adds.

Ann concludes by thanking Bridge because she has seen her life and that of her pupils change for the better.