Christabel Claris

Meet Christabel Claris a Baby Class teacher at Bridge Academy, Kwa Njenga, Nairobi County. Christabel resides in pipeline an estate where kids have access to education but most of the schools around there have teachers who are rarely concerned about the growth and performance of their pupils.

Christabel has been teaching Bridge for almost 5 years right now. “The reason I left the former school I was teaching is because I felt it was not helping pupils achieve their best. I wanted a school that gave me fulfillment and was keen on seeing pupils do well, I found that at Bridge.” She says.

Claris says teaching baby class is hard yet quite rewarding because that is the foundation of a child and laying a good one is very crucial. “Just as building a house, if the foundation is not well built the house can easily collapse, so is with a young child their minds are still clueless and it is your responsibility as a teacher to instill the values and education they need at that age.” Concludes Claris