Dickson Masudi

Meet 34-year-old Dickson Masudi, from Shanzu, Mombasa County. Dickson has been a Bridge Academy Manager for one year right now. As the academy manager Dickson says he enjoys serving the pupils because even though it is indirect he still helps create a better future for them. 

The father of one says children are a blessing, and nurturing them to become the best version of themselves gives him utmost joy. He says he loves how Bridge has advanced in technology. The use of the teacher tablets makes learning easier because all lessons are premade and teachers know what is expected of them. 

“I also love how Bridge is organized right from the top management to the pupils. Everyone does their work without the need to constantly follow up on them.” He says. Dickson also remarks that the teachers genuinely care about their pupils’ welfare. He has seen teachers go out of their way to ensure children grow mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

Dickson says he would advise any parent considering to enrol their child at Bridge to do it. Bridge offers quality education and has teachers who care and nurture children both in class and co-curricular activities.  “I am not just saying this because I work here but because I have seen how Bridge pupils perform both internally and externally, the Bridge KCPE performance is evidence of how good Bridge schools are.” He concludes.