Duncan Nyongesa

26-year-old Nyongesa Duncan is a grade 5 teacher at Bridge Mjini in Bungoma County, he has been a teacher at Bridge for close to 5 years right now. Duncan says what he loves most about being a teacher is the fact that whenever his pupils learn to be self-reliant, confident and improve their academic performance he feels happy.

Before Duncan joined Bridge he had to undergo a training program which was offered by Bridge. At first, he was skeptical about it and he felt it was a waste of time since he had already been through the government teacher training. However a few days after the training, Duncan says he is glad he went through it.

“I learned so much from the teacher training, from all the effective teaching techniques, I was taught how to make my classes lively and engaging, the art of involving every single pupil, and how to engage with parents and make them feel part of their children’s academic growth.” Says Duncan.

Duncan says Bridge is a good school that has caring teachers who nurture pupils as their own children, it provides quality education yet the fee structure is highly favorable even to people who come from humble backgrounds. Click here to enrol with us