Esther Mangaji

33-year-old Esther Mangaji from Lakeview is a PP2 teacher at Bridge Kanzandani in Mombasa County. Esther believes a teacher has the power to change the destiny of a pupil with a good school support system.

Bridge is a school that invests in supporting teachers to achieve their highest potential, they offer training once in a while to equip us with the knowledge and skills we need to deliver lessons effectively. Says Esther.

Esther applauds Bridge for coming up with the concept of transforming education in less privileged areas. Most children in her community cannot access quality education because most of the private schools are expensive. “The Bridge teaching model is one of a kind, it is one that seeks to Bridge the gap between the rich and poor by ensuring that pupils from low-income families can also afford high-quality education.” She says.

She adds that most Bridge parents are impressed after a few months of enroling their children at Bridge and it is one of her biggest inspirations to continue teaching. “When a parent attends the parent meetings we hold regularly and they are happy and congratulate me because of the improvement in their child’s academic performance, I feel that my work is valued and I am creating an impact in someone’s life.” Says a happy Esther

Esther feels that Bridge is a school that not only focuses on the academic achievements of a child but seeks to develop a child holistically, it nurtures their talents and instills discipline and confidence in them. “Some pupils join Bridge as very shy children but due to our interactive learning environment they start gaining a high self-esteem.” She concludes.