Eunice Musyoka

Meet Eunice Musyoka from Kware Pipeline. She has three children who study at Bridge Sinai in grade 4, grade 2, and baby class. Eunice says she loves Bridge because they provide quality education. She adds that Bridge pupils are able to read, write and express themselves in English by the time they are in PP2.

Shule ya Bridge ni bora kwa masomo ya msingi ya mtoto kwa sababu watoto wangu wameweza kusoma na kujieleza kwa kiingereza bila kutatanyika

Eunice attended a “Bring a friend event” that Bridge offers once in a while to give children an opportunity to learn in the school for a whole day for free. She says it is during the event that she loved the Bridge teaching system and how teachers offered personalized attention to every child. 

She adds that she is proud of the decision she made of enrolling her children at Bridge Academy Sinai because ever since she has noted a major improvement in the performance of her children.

Najivunia uamuzi wangu wa kusajili watoto wangu katika shule ya Bridge kwa sababu nimeona wanazidi kufanya bora katika masomo.

During the preschool graduation ceremony in Bridge Sinai, Eunice said that Bridge teachers are inarguably the most significant individuals in the society. They impart knowledge and also help in the character-building of a child. She added that they are caring and always concerned about their pupils’ well-being even when they are on holiday.

In her closing remarks, she said that Bridge is the best school to enrol a child in because the school summons parents and advises them on what to do to help their children improve in their studies. She also advised parents to enrol their children in Bridge because there is an assurance that their children will perform well.