Hazel Weta

Meet Hazel Weta, a Grade 6 pupil who lives around Mukuru- Kwa Reuben. She studies at Bridge Academy, Kwa Reuben- Nairobi, one of the largest slums in the region.

Her favorite subject is math and science because she loves how her teachers deliver the lessons. They make it easy for her to understand and make learning fun. 

“I love my teachers because they are very understanding and very encouraging. whenever I don’t understand something they are always there to offer a helping hand.” Says a happy Hazel.

Her mother is a stay-at-home mum while her dad works at Glovo. Life is tough considering her father is their only sole provider but she believes the education she gets at Bridge will open doors for her and she will rescue them from poverty. 

“When I grow up, I want to be a doctor because I love saving lives, especially people from my community who cannot afford quality healthcare.” She concludes.