Kelvin Ombega

Meet Kelvin Ombega a class 7 teacher at Bridge Kiserian, Kajido County. Kelvin has been at Bridge for three years and he enjoys teaching Maths and Science. Bridge believes in supporting teachers through continuous training sessions to make them become better teachers.

“Bridge has empowered me. Joining as a young graduate from college, I have gained teaching experience and I have been able to transform the lives of many young children. Many who have passed through my hands have succeeded and I am grateful for that.” Says Kelvin

A teacher is a role model who ensures that all learners get the knowledge they are supposed to receive in order to transform their lives.

“Bridge teachers are empowered to transform the learning of children. Many children who come to our school arrive with very low marks, but in the end, they show great improvement. We build confidence in children and make them leaders who can be able to express themselves through speaking fluently.” He says.

Teachers worked extra hard to recover from learning losses that were brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. They made extra time such as morning and evening prep time to help weak learners catch up with the rest. They also partnered with parents to ensure pupils did their homework and benefited from revision time at home. So it is only right for us to at least take one day a year to celebrate them.