Mary Nthenya

Meet Mary Nthenya , a parent at Bridge Academy Sinai in Nairobi County. She has two children in Bridge Sinai, one is in PP1 and the other in PP2. She says she loves Bridge because the curriculum at Bridge is more advanced and the teachers are disciplined and committed to doing their work.

I enrolled my children in Bridge because Bridge pupils perform very well and they are also disciplined. Says Mary

Mary hasn’t looked back since! During her son’s graduation, Mary was extremely happy. She said that her experience as a Bridge parent has been great because the teachers are well-disciplined, welcoming, understanding and they interact well with pupils. She says when she enrolled her child at Bridge she had separation anxiety but Bridge teachers proved to be very effective. For Mary, watching her little angel graduate was a breathtaking moment.

I’m happy that my children are learning at Bridge because the teachers here are very caring. They take good care of our children and are always willing to offer a helping hand to the pupils.

In addition, Mary said that her children have really improved in their performance. It is evident they have learned so much while at Bridge. She loves it whenever her youngest child can speak better English compared to other children her age in the community they come from.

Mary added that parents should enrol their children at Bridge because the pupils perform well. She says the performance of Bridge pupils in the KCPE exams for the last 7 years is proof enough that they are committed to academic excellence.