Maureen Oloo

Maureen Oloo is a teacher at Bridge Kwa Njenga, Nairobi County. She is a PP2 teacher who has been a teacher at Bridge for the past 7 years. She loves teaching because she enjoys interacting with young children and their parents.

For her children are a gift from God and being a teacher for her means she is like the custodian of their future. “Seeing young children who join Bridge when they are shy and performing poorly grow into confident and intelligent young men and women is my utmost satisfaction.” She says. 

Maureen believes that female teachers have a great impact on the success of their pupils because according to her a female teacher also acts as a mother to her pupils. Pupils feel at ease talking to female teachers as compared to male teachers hence the need to empower more women in the education industry. 

It is also important for female teachers to act as role models to their pupils from their mannerisms. “How a teacher acts or behaves has a great impact on how a pupil turns out.” Says Maureen. 

Maureen believes that as a female teacher her role in society to female pupils is to offer guidance and counseling by letting them know the importance of quality education and gender equality because once they know the power they have they can help create a better future for the next generation.