Aggy Mariam Kasuku

Meet 27-year-old Aggy Mariam Kasuku, a dedicated Bridge teacher at Majengo Mapya in Mombasa County. She teaches English and Arts & Craft.

Mariam says: “I feel proud when I see my pupils converse fluently in English. It gives me strength to help more children and take them to the next level.”

Mariam is extremely dedicated to all children at the school, and is proud of the fact that, “even those that I don’t teach approach me for assistance and I help them out.”

“I treat them like my own biological children,” she goes on to explain. “For a pupil to do well in school, they have to have a good relationship with their teacher. There can’t be any fear or tension; that’s why when these kids are in school I am their parent.”

Ever since Mariam joined Bridge, her class has always achieved a 90% pass rate—making her very popular with parents as well as children!

Mariam’s a self-motivated person, and is always looking for opportunities to improve things further. Due to her love of art, Mariam introduced Art Club at Bridge, Majengo Mapya and it has proved a real hit with pupils. Mariam is dedicated to helping nurture artistic talent, and wants to raise awareness of art and its importance to society.

Mariam believes that a good teacher is like a candle, lighting the way for pupils. Her unique way of teaching is helping to create bright futures for the children in her class. Well done, Mariam!