Alice Akeyo Okoba

Alice is 14-years-old from Bridge, Ongata Rongai in Kajiado County, south-west Kenya. She is one of seven children; the daughter of a housewife and a labourer. Since joining Bridge, Alice has seen tremendous improvements in her knowledge.

Her favourite subjects are maths and science, she says studying science has made her realise: “I am able to contribute positively to the world, like keeping the environment clean.” With high ambitions, Alice is aiming for 420 in her KPCE but it doesn’t stop there, she adds: “I want to be a neurosurgeon after school. I learn so much more from my Bridge teachers than I did in my old school. In science I learn about the human body and how organs function, especially the brain which is the main area of specialisation for neurosurgeons. I have attained so much knowledge at Bridge which has enabled me realise my potential in life. I want to contribute positively to the activities in the society such as helping the poor and those who have aged.”