Ann Wanjiru

Sixteen-year-old Ann goes to Bridge, Dondori in Kiambu County. She moved to Bridge because she wasn’t learning much at her old school; her parents wanted to make sure she’d pass her exams.

Where Ann lives, many of the homes are made of mud. Most people earn a living from farming, selling whatever they have left over after they’ve fed their family—like her mother. Ann loves her community, she says: “It’s always sunny and everyone is so friendly!” She can’t help but notice there are some children in her village who don’t go to school, she adds: “especially the girls, who stay at home.”

At her school, Ann is the Christian Union leader and her and her best friend June like to share ideas and stories.

Her best subject is maths, she says:

My teachers teach well, and always explain things to me

When she grows up she wants to be a surgeon because, “this is a very good profession.” Since joining Bridge, Ann has improved a lot: “I have a lot more knowledge,” she explains: “which has made me confident that I can do anything.”