Anne Kamau

Anne Kamau is an academy manager at Bridge, Matunda in Kakamega County. Matunda is a small town that sits between Kerio Valley and Mount Elgon National Parks in western Kenya.

Anne started working for Bridge in July 2017 but has spent her entire life in Matunda, her beloved home. She says fondly: “I love Matunda because first it’s a metropolitan place, you find different people and different tribes living together.” Anne’s active involvement in community functions as Matunda academy manager has enabled her to gain the interest and support of public figures such as the area chief and the Kakamega County Governor, who have congratulated the staff at Bridge, Matunda and pledged to offer support for the pupils’ facilities.

This strong impression which Anne has been able to make on behalf of her school is thanks to the highly co-operative environment in which she and her teachers work. They have all learned to be accountable and are inspired to be great ambassadors for their community. Anne credits education as the main factor for her professional development. “It’s only through education that we can avert poverty,” she explains, “One can get a stable job through education. It’s through education that someone becomes an important and respected person in the community.”