Anne Wanjala

Anne Wanjala (above centre) is a Bridge parent and ‘Super Mama’ from the town of Kimilili in the Bungoma County of western Kenya, bordering Uganda.

Kimilili lies close to the fertile slopes of Mt Elgon on the Kenya-Uganda border, making it a bustling agricultural trading hub. The economy is largely based on local cash crops such as coffee, maize, beans, sunflower seeds and tea.

The lack of good education is a major cause of poverty in Bungoma County but Anne is determined her children won’t become victims of a poor education and so she sends her children, Japheth and Kingsley, to Bridge. Japheth is in class 6 and Kingsley is in class 1. Anne is so proud of the learning gains they have made that she has recommended Bridge to 20 other parents who all now send their children to the local Bridge school.

As a big Bridge advocate, Anne joined the Super Mama programme, which is an initiative aimed at supporting and empowering strong women in their local communities. Super Mamas work to build and strengthen the relationship between Bridge schools and local people. They often provide support and advice to others which ranges from helping them to start their own business to decorating their school.

Anne credits the Super Mama programme with changing her life, saying: “It has allowed me to grow how I support my family and support other families.”