Brian Ombogo

Brian Ombogo went to Bridge, Sinai in Nairobi for five years. He sat his primary leaving exam—the KCPE—at Bridge, scoring a massive 368 marks! This was way above the nationwide average of 250 marks, which meant he had the best chance possible of going on to attend a good secondary school.

Brian now attends the Nyaborare Boys School in Kisii County—300 km west of Nairobi. His teacher says, “Brian is a model pupil. He’s performing very well, with termly scores of B+ or higher.” Bridge, Sinai is never too far from his thoughts however; during the holidays, Brian returns to Nairobi and mentors the Class 8 pupils at his old school, helping them to prepare for their KCPE exams.

An aspiring engineer, he says: “I love science and maths because I enjoy playing with numbers and solving problems.” Brian’s choice of career, he claims was “motivated and encouraged,” by the support he received from his Bridge teachers. He concludes: “I want to use my career to help my family have a better life that they are living right now.”