Caleb Ongesa

Caleb Ongesa is a 2018 alumni from Bridge, Gicagi in Nairobi. He scored 405 marks in his end of primary school exit exam—the KCPE. Fast forward to 2019 and he’s currently at Maranda Boys high school in Siaya, capital of Siaya County in western Kenya. Caleb joined Bridge in 2017 when he was in Class 7 after his father heard about the school from other parents.

He recalls his time at Bridge fondly, especially during the year he sat his KCPE. It was a difficult time for him; his father was involved in an accident and lost his job. In spite of the circumstances at home, Caleb recalls: “My teachers were all very supportive,” helping him to get back on his feet.

Caleb has five siblings (four brothers and one sister). Following his father’s accident, their education was impacted. This motivated Caleb to study hard and get the best mark possible: “It felt like I was carrying everyone’s hopes,” remarks Caleb.

“My goal was to get 400 marks so I could go to a good national school,” says Caleb. “I made a timetable to control all my activities so that I could balance reading for every subject. I used to wake up at 5 am to be in school at 6 am. I’d arrive early and revise.”

Caleb surpassed his goal when he scored 405 marks and got to join the high school of his dreams—where his success continued.

“In Form 1 [at high school], I got top scores in every subject. Going into Form 2, I’m looking forward to working harder to be Position One overall,” he says. “High school is a totally new experience but I’m enjoying it. The way of learning I picked up at Bridge has really proven valuable, I apply those techniques daily.”

Caleb is forever grateful to his parents for taking him to Bridge and to his teachers for helping him achieve his goals. 

“Bridge has changed my life,” he beams. “It has not only improved my learning skills but also my confidence in things like debates. It’s given me the courage to release my talent. It’s made my family so proud and I am forever grateful.”