ChuckNorris Ojuki

Fourteen-year-old ChuckNorris goes to Bridge, Mwamambi in Kwale County. Here, he says the houses are made of grass and clay, and there’s lots of poverty because not many people work. He adds: “I want to see everyone go to school . . . so that when they’re older they can get jobs.”

ChuckNorris lives with his parents, sister and brother. His father is a Pastor and his mother runs a small business. His sister goes to high school, and his brother—Carlos—is in the same class! They compete to get the best marks, ChuckNorris says: “I am better than him.”

Pictured: 13-years-old Carlos Ojuki—ChuckNorris’ brother. They are in the same class at the same school

It takes him and his brother an hour to get to school every day, but once they’re there they stay busy. He is a big football player—the sibling rivalry from the classroom naturally extends to the playground. ChuckNorris’ favourite subjects are science and maths because, he says: “The teacher makes them so easy!”

ChuckNorris says: “My performance has got so much better now! I know that when I grow up I will get a good job.”