Davis Ombee

Fourteen-year-old Davis goes to Bridge, Nyawita in Kisii County, Kenya. He’s from a slum called Obunga where most people don’t work and there’s lots of crime

Davis lives with his father, a shopkeeper and his mother, who is a tailor. He walks to school with his brother, and they both help at their father’s shop at the weekends. On school days he fetches water, “this keeps me nice and strong,” he says. 

At school, Davis loves to play football because, he smiles: “My team always wins!” When he’s older, he dreams of visiting England to see his favourite football team—Manchester City—win a game . . . maybe they’ll call him out of the crowd to score the winning goal! He’s passionate about learning English, he knows this will help him to become a pilot. When he visits Manchester, he wants to be sat in the pilots seat of his own plane! Way to go, Davis!