Florence Mwangi

Meet Florence Mwangi, she’s been a Grade 1 teacher at Bridge, Ruthimitu for two years now. Her love for children led her to the teaching profession, which is her passion.

At Bridge, she’s received a different kind of training which has enabled her to deliver her lessons in a unique way. She says: “Teaching at Bridge is really nice because of the availability of the teacher tablet and the fact that they provide necessary teaching materials that makes learning and teaching easy.”

For Florence, it’s not just about teaching her pupils in class—she’s also the guidance and counselling teacher for the school. She strives to mentor and talk to the children because she believes that for the pupils to perform well in class they have to be mentally, physically and spiritually happy.

“I put much focus on adolescent girls and boys. I advise them to maintain cleanliness, especially when it comes to personal hygiene. I also emphasise the need to be responsible and take care of themselves,” she comments.

For the older pupils, she guides them by reminding them that they are role models to the younger pupils. At the end of it all, teacher Florence strives to bring up responsible and well-behaved pupils in society.

“My interactions with my pupils have led me to see the potential in them. I believe there is a bright future for them,” concludes Florence.