Jianah Mkeaboya Hiribae

Meet Jianah, 14-years-old from Bridge, Kiwandani in Kilifi County. In her neighbourhood she says: “Not many girls get to go to school. They are forced to be married while they are still young. Many get pregnant and will leave school. In my old school this happened to about ten girls, so not many girls were left in school.” Jianah wants to help change that, she adds: “My dream is every girl in Kilifi [County] being allowed to study, even if they’re pregnant.” 

Jianah lives at home with her mother—a casual labourer—and her sister who’s in Class 6 at the same school. Her grandmother also lives with them. Jianah helps every day with the chores like cooking and cleaning for everyone. At school, she is always busy too. She’s Head Girls and says: “I study hard to stay top of my class for my KCPE [leaving exam].” 

When Jianah is older she wants to be a journalist, so that she can put in to practise the great English skills she’s learnt. She concludes: “Coming to Bridge has changed my perspective a lot. I have such high hopes, and high marks, now!”