Josephine Nyakundi

A message to my teachers #WorldTeachersDay 2019

Every teacher at Bridge has had great impact on my life and my performance on my KCPE. I remember when I first joined Bridge in Class 5, after not going to school for almost four months. I was behind in all my classes and could barely speak English. All my teachers did so much to get me caught up and up to speed in with my peers, but the teachers that impacted me the most were Teacher Loise, Teacher Elizabeth and Academy Manager, Joseph.

Every teacher at Bridge has had a great impact on my life

Teacher Loise taught me so much about becoming a strong woman. She was very outspoken and encouraged all of the girls in our class to do the same.

Teacher Elizabeth introduced me to reading novels and helped me with my composition writing. When I arrived at Rabun Gap and saw the huge library, I thought of how happy she would be if she had access to that many books. I read a lot of novels now and it is all because of her. I sometimes manage to bring back some books from the US, the joy on the kid’s faces when they read them brings me so much joy. We always find a way to get in contact and exchange book recommendations.

Teacher Joseph did the most to get me ready for the KCPE. I remember those early mornings in our Class 8 classrooms, bringing our own flashlights in order to see. You gave up so much of your own time to see us succeed and I really hope that we made you proud. Thank you for all the times you pushed us to our limits in order to be the best version of ourselves. Even though these are the teachers that I remember the most for their impact on me, I appreciate all the teachers at Bridge during my time there.

“It gave me the best experience of my life.”

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