Laura Atieno

Thirteen-year-old Laura Atieno is from Siaya County, south-west Kenya and graduated from Bridge in 2019. She scored the highest mark at Bridge Kenya in the 2019 primary school exit exam (Kenyan Certificate of Primary Education [KCPE]), scoring an incredible 417 marks.

This placed her in the best performing 0.9% of all pupils across Kenya (including Bridge, government and elite private schools) a massive achievement.

Laura was with Bridge for five years, having joined Class 3 in 2014. Back then, Bridge had just arrived in her community and she was really eager to join. She says: “I saw the incredible work that Bridge was doing in my community and had heard that they taught differently to other schools. I knew right away that this was the school for me.”

Her father is a farmer and her mother sells clothes. She’s very grateful for everything her parents have done to support her education. “I’m so pleased I have made my parents proud! I hoped to do well, but to be the best. We’re all so happy,” says beams. Now, during the break between primary school and high school she hopes to return the favour by doing extra chores!

Just like at home, at school Laura had many responsibilities. She was the Head Girl, helping teachers to mobilise pupils to maintain order and respect the rules. She says: “I enjoyed being the Head Girl. Other pupils would look up to me, I was happy to help and learnt a lot about being responsible.”

“I’m so happy with my results. Bridge is a good school and I’d urge anyone to join it,” concludes Laura. “When I’m older, I want to be a neurosurgeon.”

We think Laura will achieve all this and more! Following her exam results, Laura was accepted to the prestigious Pangani Girls High School, a National School, making it one of the best in Kenya; it was certified as a National School in 2011 meaning it takes only the best pupils from across Kenya.

Good luck at high school, Laura! And, congratulations.