Michael Otieno

Here is Michael Otieno, a teacher at Bridge Free Area in Nakuru, Kenya. He is one of the founding teachers at this academy, having been present for its launch! Six years later and he’s still at the academy, and as enthusiastic as ever about Bridge.

Michael teaches a Primary 1 class—although some people might find it difficult to teach such young children, this is not the case with Michael! “I love teaching so much,” he says enthusiastically, “Even when I am on leave or have to miss a day because I am not feeling well, I am always eager to get back to my class!

Michael is making sure that lots of fun is brought into the school, alongside learning. “Last year our school organised and played in a football competition and we won the cup!” he celebrates, “I am excited to do more co-curriculars this year—our students and parents love it!”