Rose Sakwu

Rose Sakwu is a 28-year-old academy manager at Bridge, Owino Ouro. She joined Bridge back in 2014, having worked as a teacher for other schools where she found there was often low morale and they sometimes failed to pay their staff. She was delighted by the difference in attitude at Bridge, where she says: “They motivate their teachers by recognising good work,” and adds, “teachers always receive their salary on time.”

This new ethos encouraged Rose to work hard at her new school, where she teaches Kiswahili, Social Studies and Religious Education. Rose’s competence was recognised, and she was soon promoted to academy manager! She relished the opportunity to make even more of an impact on the lives of her pupils, and threw everything she had at this new position.

“Bridge has impacted the community in a positive way,” Rose explains. She says the inclusion of technology in the curriculum has had a particularly good impact on enhancing the performance of her pupils, and many have gone on to high achieving secondary schools as a result of their good grades.

“My philosophy is that I believe education is an individual and unique experience for every student who enters classroom,” Rose says. She’s therefore impressed by Bridge’s lesson guides which cater to the needs of individual students.

Rose asks her teachers to arrive early each day, stressing that this gives a positive impression of her academy. She says: “Most pupils arrive early, and we have parents that come along with their children. To be able to see the teacher makes them feel much comfortable to leave their child in the hands of a teacher.”   

Great work, Rose! Thanks for your hard work.