Rose has been the academy manager at Bridge, Mawanga in Nakuru, south-west Kenya since August 2018.

She says: “Education is my passion—it’s my success story and it’s why I decided to join Bridge. It was because of my education that I was able to develop and go as far as I have. I believe in the Bridge mission and now I see that it works.”

“As a Manager I have had parents join Bridge and they see how within one month their child’s reading improves. They don’t understand how the results can be so quick! It makes me proud.”

“Right now, my teachers and I are working hard to make improvements to our school—we have created a nice stone pathway for the grounds and have bought some mattresses for the ECD [early childhood development] classes.”

“Now we are planning on creating some gardens and getting involved in local drama and singing competitions.”

Good job, Rose!