Salome Phillip

Salome Phillip is a loving and caring parent at Bridge Academy, Kisumu Ndogo in Kilifi County. Salome admitted her children at Bridge because of the, “quality education that is delivered by the great teachers who really care for the welfare of our children. They transform our children into useful people in society.”

Salome, a businesswoman, works hard together with her husband to ensure their children acquire the best education to help them secure their bright future. “My husband and I love our kids so much and we are determined to give them the best. We earn very little income through our small business and we use the little we get to provide the basic needs for our children including helping them access quality education,” narrates Salome. “Bridge is the only place our children can access affordable quality education without making us strain so much. It is a saviour to parents like me and we trust the teachers with our children because they have earned that trust. Bridge teachers have made my children improve academically and develop the highest sense of discipline. They are our heroes and I urge every Bridge parent to always celebrate Bridge teachers for they do excellent work. I know it is not easy to transform the lives of all these children coming from different homes with different backgrounds.”

She strongly advocates for education for all to enable the next generation to become self-reliant and reduce the level of poverty in Africa.

Salome believes each parent has an obligation to ensure a conducive environment is created for a child’s growth and development by the provision of the basic necessities for the child—the most important being an education.”Yes we can and we will use education as a weapon to fight poverty in Africa, and with Bridge schools available, this is possible for they are our conduit to success,” says Salome hopefully.